Custom Design

PSC develops creative and innovative ways to solve problems for our customers utilizing basic standard couplings to fully customized products to best meet your needs. We work to continuously improve the customer experience by delivering coupling solutions that are easy to specify, purchase, and integrate while making sure each step is efficient and customer-focused.

Our product line is adaptable to a wide range of mounting requirements, material specifications, and performance needs.

Technical Support

Our engineers leverage application engineering knowledge, design expertise, and a flexible supply chain with strong industry experience in many types of couplings applications, providing time and money saving solutions to your coupling needs.

Whether you need a replacement for an existing coupling or a new design for a new application, the technical team at PSC is here to provide quick and comprehensive support.

Rapid Delivery

PSC believes the ability to provide high quality, high performance, and low-cost coupling solutions is established at the design phase of the coupling. Whether it is a standard or custom coupling, the team at PSC knows cost is always a factor, and we are focused on saving customers money and time as they use PSC’s coupling solutions.

Competitive Pricing

Our coupling designs are optimized to allow PSC to provide high-quality, and high-performance at a low cost, established at the design phase. Our flexible supply chain and options like alloy hub and stainless steel discs as standard, allow for more cost savings. 

PSC couplings are designed for quick and easy installation to cut down time spent on maintenance, saving time and money. 

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Our expertise in flexible disc couplings resolves the challenges of customers’ demanding applications

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PSC offers a full line of disc coupling solutions that can be specified to suit any need.

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Tech Topics

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Learn more on topics such as background on potential and residual imbalance or how to ensure a long useful life of couplings with proper installation and inspection.

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