Product Design Details

  1. Disc Pack Cartridge
    • Disc packs cartridges assembled as single units at PSC’s facility.
    • All components of the disc pack have precise locations.
    • Threaded bushings transfer torque and provide clamping force on disc pack as well as compression onto hub and center member flanges.
  2. Fasteners
    • Fasteners do not locate the disc pack.
    • Fasteners required only to provide a compressive force on the disc packs, so standard fasteners can be used.
    • Socket head cap screws are used to allow larger bores.
  3. Hubs
    • Scallops provide stress relief over keyway and allow for larger bores and higher torque density.
  4. Material
    • All Alloy steel construction.

Summary of Advantages

  1. Quick and Easy Installation and Service
    • Self-piloting, fully assembled, and collapsible disc pack cartridges are easily positioned in the flexible disc coupling with hub and center member pilot bores.
    • Standard cap screw fasteners readily available.
  2. Balanced by Design
    • Precisely manufactured components allow for AGMA class 9 (class 10 or class 11 as options).
    • All components have precise locations within the assembly.
    • All components are interchangeable for all AGMA classes (as opposed to ISO balance grades).
    • All fasteners, bushings, and washers are weight sorted.
  3. High Torque Transmitted Through Bushings and Discs
    • High strength bushings provide clamping force on disc pack and compression onto hub and center member flanges.
    • High friction coating provides locking of disc pack.
    • Disc pack exhibits no slip through peak torque.
    • Standard cap screw fasteners in tension only (not required to resist bending moment or shear force).
  4. Large Bore Capability with Socket Head Cap Screws
    • Socket head fasteners allow larger bores to be used.
    • Larger bore capacity utilizes our industry leading torque density.